july (ensemble)

Over dinner earlier, we met up with the ensemble - M. Haja, Grace Kalaiselvi and Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai and we discussed on what is coming up for them in July which is the research phase for the work. Here's what they would be up to: 

Aim: The main goal of this phase is to consolidate the narrative(s) that will work as the cornerstone material of our physical devising. We need to anchor our score in a story (or several stories): these will later on be decanted into the score. At some point of your family histories there is a story of migration and oflabor, maybe they are even the same story. This research phase will be about unearthing those stories.
Week 1 (4 – 10 July)
Task: Identify the pool of stories available in your family. The ideal is to have two or three already identified by the end of the week. Upload these stories into the blog.
Weeks 2 and 3 (11 – 24 July)
Task: Document the stories that you have curated. Find photos, artefacts, oral memories, videos, etc. Document as much as you can.
Week 4 (July 25 – 29)
Task: Identify the corporeal patterns (body and movement) in your documents and research process. Start a ‘dictionary of presences’. This is, a list of poses and phrases. You are not expected to have them fully learned and refined by the end of the week. As long as you have them identified and listen down is enough. The more, the better.

As we work with the ensemble, we will be having Skype meetings with Sharon who is currently away in UK and Germany for the summer. Over our meetings, we will be working on the script. 

Remember to join us in this part of the process by sharing your family histories - be it stories, pictures or any other forms of memories that you have. 

Don't be a stranger! 

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