the first meeting

We just met with Sharon Frese, our first meeting since we received the invite to work on this. We were excited - did a reading, discussed our vision of the work, what other possibilities could come out of the work and basically, listened to the adventures and misadventures of Miss British. 

One of the main concerns that we have in processing the work is: How do we create access points for the work to be closer to home, a Singaporean home? There are many things that resonated within us from the current piece which are the idea and practices of a global family, being adaptable as we move across borders, the clashing of how we identify ourselves and how others view us - belonging yet not quite rooted, with people quick to jump to assumptions about our heritage which is never easy to guess just by looking at the colour of our skin. 

How do we digest this? Do we add in more, remove things, move scenes around? Do we work with more people - an ensemble perhaps? 

There is homework for all of us as Felipe introduced Circulatory History, written by Prasenjit Duara in Chapter 2 of his book on The Crisis of Global Modernity: Asian Traditions and a Sustainable Future. He said it would be a tough reading for us but to persevere on. Can't wait. It has been a while since our heads have this kind of exercise. 

Till the next meeting on 12 June where will be discussing the dramaturgy of the piece.